Thank you for visiting my portfolio web site, Hiro's Bigaku. This web site shows what I have learned in the Industrial Design program of the Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS), University of Calgary, Canada, and also shows what I can do now to make the world a little bit better place to live. Please see the contents below. If you are interested in my design, feel free to talk to me.

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Design Skills

I suggest design solutions with my skills in various fields. This is how I provide services.

Product Design

I combine my skills and knowledge of design and the expertise in engineering to design products. See my skill set in every product design process.

Web Design

I design small-scale, design-oriented web sites, just like this, or something else as you like. See my skills and examples of web design.

Graphic Design

I use different techniques to provide graphic design solutions in various forms. See my graphic design techniques and applications.

Presentation Design

I translate an engineers' language to a standard language and visualize it.

Who is Hiro?

Born to Design. This is a little more about me. See how I have acquired the current skills.


Online resume, my professional and educational background.

Early Works

See some of my amateur design works that I made before "officially" learning design. These works also chronicles my background.

Mission Statement

This is probably your question; what is Bigaku?. Bigaku is aesthetics and also ethics. This is what my design is based on, and highly related to my personal mission statement.


See my design works at the Industrial Design program, Faculty of Environmental Design.

Master's Degree Project

Yes, I am a master. My area of interest in Industrial Design is Sustainable Product Design, and I pursued it in the Master's Degree Project titled Capacity Building through Design.

Studio Projects

Ten remarkable studio projects of the Industrial Design program are selected to portray my Industrial Design skills and solutions.

Graphic Design

I made some graphic design in studio projects as well as for faculty events at EVDS.

Thank you. One year since then.

Thank you for your support - Five years since the Earthquake and Tsunami

It has been five years since the earthquake and tsunami hit Eastern Japan on March 11, 2011. Thousands of victims have moved to temporary dwellings provided by the local governments. Since their evacuation to shelters, they have shown the spirit of helping one another and encouraged other people. We will never forget their spirit, and we will never forget the support from all over the world.

Japanese Red Cross Society provides up-to-date information on Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on their web site.