"Ue!" Cover

I lived in the Kingdom of Tonga, a small developing country in the South Pacific, for two years as a member of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV). Ue! is a hand-made in-house magazine of Tonga JOCV members. As a chief editor, I established the magazine, organize it and designed the cover. We published three issues in one year (the later half of my two-year term), and I embedded meanings of each issue in the cover.

"Ue!" is a Tongan expression that people say when they are surprised, like "oops" or "oh my god". It is a short version of "Oiaue!", a collection of the five vowels of Tongan language, that people say to express multiple emotions; when they are surprised, laugh, cry, or feel sorry.

There used to be an "official" in-house magazine of Tonga JOCV titled Oiaue!, but it was discontinued for some reasons. I planned to re-establish it, but it was not "officially" recognized by the JOCV office as an in-house magazine and we had to voluntarily issue it. I titled it Ue! and hoped that it would be officially recognized and they would proudly title it Oiaue! again.