Frame Parts

One gurney is converted to four wheelchairs. A little amount of surplus parts are left and they can be remanufactured or recycled if appropriate facilities are available. The gurney is designed for easy disassembly, and the wheelchair is designed for easy assembly.


Some gurney subassemblies are converted to wheelchair subassemblies that have different functions but share similar features.


One type of joinery is used for different kinds of joints for easy disassembly and assembly. This joinery can be replaced with locally available parts.

Locally Appreciated Design

To make the wheelchair socially sustainable, the design should be locally appreciated. Some people have developed attachment to indigenous materials and find cultural identity in using them.

Appropriate and Affordable

The conversion requires low technology; unscrewing, cutting, drilling, and screwing. On the other hand, every wheelchair needs to be adjusted to fit the individual user, and adjustment of the wheelchairs requires high technique.

Possible Consequences

A wheelchair gives mobility. However, this is not the ultimate goal. In a long term, this project aims at Capacity Building through Design.