Capacity Building through Design, Master's Degree Project
Capacity Building through Design, Master's Degree Project

The goal of this project is to design a wheelchair that can be produced and maintained locally on a sustainable basis. The wheelchair is constructed from components of gurneys, which are provided as part of relief supplies, and locally obtained materials.


The background and rationale of the project are briefly described.

Final Design

The final design is described from two different approaches; socio-cultural factors and technical factors. As an intersection of the two approaches, possible consequences of the project are discussed.

Design Development

Design considerations are discussed based on the three principles of Sustainable Product Design, namely environmental, economical and social considerations.


The aim of this project is to provide design solutions to encourage locals to expand their capacity in terns of technology, economy and social well being so that people with mobility impairments would have more opportunities to participate in activities in their society.