The designer’s hope is that this product would provide users with a moment to take a breath, to think of what they are eating and consider the fundamentals of life.

This stool is not something to sit on comfortably. This is a tool to provide you with an opportunity to think about your identity.

The martini glass is a form of ultimate design; every single part has a function and as a whole, it is beautiful. This toothbrush has...

Technology is a double-edged sword. It may improve quality of life, or it may produce an inhumane device.

What we have now used to be people’s dreams; superhighway, spaceships, cell phones… Someday this dream project will come true.

Once upon a time in China, there lived an industrious man. During summer nights, he collected many fireflies, put them in a silk bag, and then went to study…

Everything that human beings make is artificial. Rather than designing organic-shape products, I try to represent what I feel when I see organisms.

Help the Toxic Boy. The mechanism you are allowed to use is the screw.

Green roof, collaboration between products, architecture and the nature.

If people are not capable of modifying user-unfriendly products and have no choice but altering their body parts to fit the products…