Whatever the media is, my design process is based on the design principle and provide design solutions for the users. This is how I can contribute through design to make the world a bit better place to live. See the contents below for specific skills in every field.

Currently I do a non-design, full-time contract job, and do not have enough time to do design side business. But who knows? If you think I can make your life easier, drop me a line.

Skills in Product Design

In this section, I use my design works from Industrial Design program at University of Calgary and Engineering Design program at McMaster University to show my design skills in every stage of product design.

Skills in Web Design

I have taught myself web design, and strive to expand my capability as a web designer. See how I design web sites and what outcomes is like.

Skills in Graphic Design

Graphic Design has been one of my interests since my early days. See a variety of my graphic design techniques and how I use them for different applications.

I have found some people (especially engineers) have difficulty in communication. They only focus on what they want to tell and cannot expect what the audience needs to know. I suggest efficient presentation from a wider point of view. (This section is currently under construction.)