Business Card



The drawing techniques presented in the Techniques page can be used for those applications to realize the concept. Many of the applications are a combination of different techniques.


Logo is a powerful tool to convey your identity and branding both for organizations and for individuals. I help people to show who they are and what they are through logo design.


When I worked for a small Japanese company, I also did some design work for the company. See Skills in Web Design for more information.

Hiro's Bigaku
Hiro's Bigaku, logo

Yes, I designed this logo for myself. More information can be found in Mission Statement.

Wakana logo

Wakana is a Japanese interpreter /translator. I expressed the transition between English and Japanese, Wakana and 若菜. She likes frog in design, and I integrated it in this logo.

Some other examples of logo design can be found in the Early Works section, such as Raid Wind Shield and Johnin T-shirt.
I have submitted some logo designs and other graphic designs on DesignCrowd. Visit my DesignCrowd profile page.

Business Card

A business card represents the organization that the person belongs to, or represents the person if he/she is a freelancer. Whether it is for an organization or for a freelancer, with or without a logo, I use my design skill to create representation of the client.

Hiro, Designer
Hiro Shibata, Total Designer

I use common design between this web site and this business card to help myself to create my personal branding.

Wakana, Japanese Interpreter
Wakana Goto, JapaneseIinterpreter

I prepared an initial design and let her add her preference to design this freelancer's business card.


Posters can be designed for different purposes such as presentation and advertisement. Some other examples of poster design can be found in the Graphic Design section of the portfolio, such as Student Initiative and Colour Analysis.

35 evds
35evds poster

I made this poster for the 35th anniversary event of the Faculty of Environmental Design. See 35 evds Poster in the Graphic Design section for more information.

Master's Degree Project
Master's Degree Project poster

I made this poster for a student conference at the Faculty of Environmental Design. See Skills in Product Design for more information.


Illustrations can play multiple roles from a leading actor to a supporting cast in any two-dimensional media. All of the techniques shown in the graphic on the concept page can be used in illustration.

Girl in Yukata
Girl in Yukata illustration

I made this illustration for a friend of mine who looks beautiful in yukata, summer cotton kimono. In this illustration, I used free materials provided by graphic designers for graphic designers.

Christmas Greetings 2010
Christmas Greetings 2010 illustration

I used this illustration in my Christmas greetings web site in 2010. Year 2011 was the year of rabbit, and I combined Santa Claus, rabbit and Daikokuten, one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan.

Christmas Greetings 2011
Christmas Greetings 2011 illustration

I used this illustration in my Christmas greetings web site in 2011. Year 2012 was the year of dragon, and I combined Christmas greetings and Japanese style new year greetings.

Some other examples of illustration can be found in the Early Works section, such as "Ue!" Cover and Pumpkin Cookbook Cover.